​​​Commemorative  and  Memorial Donations

Alternate Gift Giving is a wonderful and thoughtful way to remember a loved one or commemorate a special occasion of that person on your gift list who has everything.    Say  Happy Birthday,  Congratulations  or just  Thinking of You  by giving a gift of charity.

Commemorative and memorial donations can be made by using the Alternate Gift Form and following the mailing instructions on the form.  Currituck Kids will acknowledge your tax deductible donation and send a note to the recipient you designate on the Alternate Gift Form.


                                      Donated by:

NOV 2017    Patsy Hughes Gray and Family   In memory of Deputy John Anthony Forbes 

OCT 2017     BoD Currituck Kids, Inc.                       In memory of Royal Tharpe of South Hill Virginia, grandfather of Bethany Forehand

JAN 2017      Marion Gilbert                                    In honor of her father, Harry L. Gilbert, Jr.,  Merry Christmas

JAN 2017      BoD Currituck Kids, Inc.                       In memory of  Lucille Howell, mother of Pam Wilgus of Chesapeake VA

OCT 2016     Diane P. Reed                                                    In memory of  Commander, USN Charles J. Brown III, also known as Denny Brown
OCT 2016       Friends from Currituck Kids, Inc.             In memory of Margaret "Marge" Warden Lightfoot, mother of Sharon Messina

JAN   2016     Michael & Wendy Siedlecki               In memory of Judy Pfeifer, wife of Gary Pfeifer of Chesapeake Virginia

DEC  2015     Kara & Joseph Merolle                         Merry Christmas Mom & Dad (Michael & Wendy Siedlecki)

DEC  2015     Diane P. Reed                                             In memory of Denny Brown, Commander, USN

NOV 2015    J. R. Lilienthal, Jr.                                   In memory of John J. Smith Jr.,  husband of Gladys W. Smith of Chesapeake Virginia