From the Kids

AND  Educators


Dear Currituck Kids,

Your organization donated uniforms to some of our less fortunate girls when our Girl Scout Troop first started back in 2012.  The uniforms you provided gave our girls the confidence and security to step out of their shells and fit in with other scouts and opening opportunities to exceed in life through hands on learning!  We presented the flag at last year's Gobbler Jogger and have been a part of several other community events.  We thank you very much for what you do for our community and want you to know that you can call on us for future support.    Our girls range in age from 8 to 14 years old and they love to help others.  They would benefit tremendously from helping other kids in their community.  Please let us know what our girls can do to give back at the Scarecrow Fest and the Gobbler Jogger 5k.  We are ready to volunteer for both events.  Thank you so much.  (from Girl Scout Troop Leader, Currituck )

Dear Currituck Kids,
            Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to travel with my English class to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.  It truly was an amazing experience to not only learn about the Jewish people’s religion and how they lived, but also experience the real story behind the Holocaust.  There were so many different things to see and learn about.  There were interactive rooms where we learned about Propaganda.  We also got to relive the life of an individual who was a victim of the Mass Genocide and at the end discover if that person survived.  My individual was a Polish woman and she survived.  I really hope that more of my class mates and peers get to experience this wonderful museum and I thank you again for Sponsoring me on this field trip.
(from  K. a 10th grader at CCHS)

Dear Currituck Kids,
            Thank you so much for purchasing tennis shoes for one of my students.  The look on her face when she realized they were hers to keep was priceless!  She mentioned to another student that she didn’t have tennis shoes for P.E.  Her classmate was very concerned and mentioned it to me.  I am blessed to have such thoughtful and caring student in my class.
            Once again, thanks for putting a smile on a child’s face.
(from K. an elementary school teacher)

Dear Currituck Kids,
            I love my pink shoes. Thank you so much for my warm shoes.
            Love, J. (an early elementary student)